Benefits of Using the Triplejump Business System

The Triplejump Business System is proven to generate superior sales pipeline conversion ratios and sales values. It is also proven to generate superior underwriting margins from the sale of Life Insurance products.

The results are an outcome of the customer centric needs based advice processes and the high quality risk analysis and risk plans generated from the system.

Why Triplejump

  • We apply the standards and principles of risk management and have adopted these to build best practice advice
  • We deeply understand the consumer’s problems and have developed holistic sales processes and integrated solutions that meet the consumer’s needs
  • We understand the needs of the distribution channel and have created adviser centric tools supported by effective training and development systems
  • We understand the needs of organisations for managing advice risks within the financial services sector and have built advice processes to comply with Financial Services regulation and a technology solution with in-built risk management systems
  • The Triplejump Business System has a proven track record of generating superior sales conversion ratios and higher value sales.Our expertise has come from hands on experience of building and supporting our own New Zealand Franchise Distribution network.


Triplejump’s Licence Model

The Triplejump licence provides organisations the rights to use the business system encompassing all of the components required to provide high quality advice and solutions to customers for Human Capital Risk Management.

The Triplejump system empowers its licence partners to operate at the forefront of the Human Capital Risk Management market.

The system is offered to the market through a modular licence structure based on the organisations needs and other than an initial licence fee, is a pay as you use model. This provides the use of a system proven to generate superior sales results for a low cost of entry minimising the capital outlay and maximising the potential return on investment.