The Triplejump’s business philosophy is underpinned by the following core beliefs:

  1. More customers will embrace risk management and insurance solutions when they are conscious of the financial consequences and feel empowered to act
  2. The application of the principles and processes of the risk management framework will enable customers to make informed decisions about the risks they need to transfer to insurance
  3. Money is a scarce resource for most customers and they have competing needs to grow wealth and to protect wealth. Risk management advice needs to help consumers determine how to balance those competing needs to maximise their wealth protection and their wealth creation
  4. Insurance is only one component of risk management and requires integration with other structures to achieve the customers objectives
  5. If we meet the customers needs and solve their problems better than anyone else Triplejump will be able to fulfil its business purpose and goals


These underlying beliefs of the Triplejump philosophy have formed the ‘touchstones’ for the development of the Triplejump customer engagement and sales process which has consistently proven to generate industry leading conversion ratios.

The application of Triplejump’s advice process results in a holistic approach to the customers’ needs. Rather than just selling a life or health insurance product, the Triplejump process involves integrating insurance and non-insurance tools to ensure that a full risk management solution has been implemented.