The Triplejump Business System

The Triplejump Business system is purpose built to empower your organisation’s success in Human Capital Risk Management.

Its components are:

  • A tailored Recruitment and Adviser Training programme
  • Structured Customer Needs Analysis, Advice and Sales Processes
  • Advanced financial risk analysis calculator tools
  • Automated Risk Plan document creation tools
  • System managed work flow processes with standardised letter templates for customer administration and support
  • Business analytics and reporting
  • System enabled audit and compliance.


Core to the effectiveness of the system is the Philosophy underpinning the Risk Management processes, the Methodology for customer engagement and the Technology enterprise system for managing the business.

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  • “Purpose Built Technology”

  • “Higher Customer Conversion”

  • “Increased adviser effectiveness”


Client first.

Triplejump keeps the guiding principles of financial advice at the forefront of risk management practice


Develop, Deliver, Manage.

Triplejump’s processes provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to financial Human Capital Risk management


Built for engagement.

The Triplejump Platform enables its clients to operate at the leading edge of wealth protection advice and service